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hotel mapping

Currently in use in more than 80 hotels in Europe and the US, Hotel Mapping is a Microsoft Excel-based tool that complements your Property Management Software, allowing you to track multiple aspects of your hotel as defined by you. Information is presented in text, numbers, percentages or icons  in an intuitive graphic representation of your room distribution.

It was created by one of our Associate Partners, a professional hotel manager, to be used by other hotel or resort managers and their heads of department, and was designed to be practical, agile, flexible and extremely easy to use.

From showing colored maps of the resort or hotel indicating room types, equipment, management inspection results even customer feedback compiled details for each room and even showing onscreen a photo dossier of each room, the range of possibilities is almost infinite.


Seasoned professionals find Hotel Mapping to be an invaluable help for their daily operations and aids your managers to keep control of budgets and avoid unnecessary expenses.

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