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Marble Surface
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The portable uv-disinfector



The Muv-X delivers on two key, critical needs

  1. Inactivates virus’ and kills bacteria both in the air and left behind on surfaces after a clean and

  2. Provides reassurance to both employees and clients that a business (be that a Hairdressers, a Physio, a General Practitioner, a Dentist, a Solicitor, a GYM operator, Changing Rooms etc etc) is taking every step to protect their health while on the premises.

Marble Surface

We are proud to have partnered With CW technologies and able to present the unique and Award-Winning CE and RoHS Certified and Tested Muv-X UV-C Room Steriliser manufactured in the European Union and now available globally.

It uses UV-C ultraviolet light providing hospital grade sterilization of air and surfaces with a disinfection rate of 99.9999% yet with no risk of harmful chemical residue on surfaces or on food. Direct exposure to UV-C is proven to effectively destroy bacteria, and inactive fungi, mould and above all, any known virus that may remain on surfaces or in the air after a regular deep clean.


A standard size hotel room can be sterilized in less than 15 minutes which is why it is so popular with accommodation providers as it adds minimum extra time to a full cleaning schedule, enabling maximum usage and efficient and fast turnaround of rooms

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