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Peter Ingerslev Nielsen


Peter is an exceptionally knowledgeable and skilled multi-lingual Senior Project Manager with many years experience with an extensive group or resorts where he served with all the management boards of all resort operations in the Europe wide group of one of the leading developers in the resort industry, including through each change of developer and operating company ultimately serving with Diamond Resorts recently announced as merging with Hilton Grand Vacations. He speaks English, Spanish, German, Dutch and Danish fluently. With a professional education in Tourism, Travel and Hospitality in The Netherlands and further study at Cornell School of Hotel Administration Ithaca, New York. Peter has more than 27 years experience within the resort industry at executive level specializing in the areas of HOA governance in Europe together with an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing the industry and skills to bring an innovative and goal-orientated approach to clients, he is able to work through and resolve conflicts to find a win-win for all parties.

+34 666 425 478

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