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GhP offerS Global Management Consultancy and management packages individually designed to meet your needs.

global Leisure & hospitality solutions

Time never stands still, what was normal 10 years ago is now obsolete.


The key to continued success rests in being innovative, daring and offering the very best levels of service and value constantly and consistently.

GHP differs from the norm. We understand and recognize the toll the last months and years have taken on teams and the traveling public alike. We apply a human touch regardless of where we are, at all times.



A free initial consultation call to assess your needs and craft our response to those needs.


A review and full operational audit onsite to identify specific cost savings, operational issues and help improve your profitability.


Introduce Quality Management Services to boost your competitive edge and performance in the market.


Advise and implement technological innovations to enhance services and  cut costs. 


Hotel and Resort Management, under contract or full operational control we can ensure your property is run to our exacting standards from day one.


Our experienced accountants will provide insights gained from years of operational experience from day-to-day issues to International advice and guidance.

 Over the years our Associates and partners

have worked at executive level for or with these outstanding companies

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