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How to Wear Couple Promise Rings?

Jewelery can be used for many purposes. For example it is the same with the traditional wedding ring, which men and women wear on the left hand. We choose and wear our jewelry according to our style and taste. Rings for women do not make an exception. You can wear them in a variety of ways. Here we present a few of them, as well as guidelines on how you can wear your different rings properly and make sure they don't remain in their boxes for long periods of time.

Which finger for which ring?

There are customs that don't change. Certain traditions have been around for centuries and styles and we often look up to them to determine which finger to put our rings.

The wedding ring is always worn on the ring finger left hand. The symbolises the union of two people. This is also the finger of the engagement ring. This ring can be worn with the wedding band on the left ring-finger following the wedding ceremony. It can be affixed to the ring-finger of the right hand.

Signet rings are a different fashion that has been handed through time. Traditionally women wear this piece of jewelry on the left hand while men wear it on the ring or the right finger.

There isn't a ring which is compatible with every other finger. In the end it is mostly the taste and lifestyle habits that push women to wear a ring in a specific way. For instance, if you practice intense physical activity and you're a right-handed woman, there is a good likelihood that you favor the fingers of your left hand when wearing your rings.

Wearing multiple rings at once

In recent years, the trend has been toward increasing the amount of jewelry. We stack bracelets on our wrist, we add more necklaces, and we decorate the ears with more and more earrings - mismatched or not. Rings aren't different.

It is best to choose thin rings such as bangles to embellish your hands with many jewels. Geometric shapes or patterns like "infinity" or hearts, are simple to combine. You can also play with proportions, for example by wearing a large piece of jewelry offset by smaller, less opulent ones. You can also change the materials, by wearing rings in silver or gold.

With knuckle rings, you can also put several rings on the same finger, particularly on the middle finger. There are rings made of two rings connected by a chain or an element made of silver or gold. These rings are worn on the entire fingers. They are particularly recommended for the middle and middle fingers.

Tips for wearing rings correctly

Here are some tips for selecting and wearing your rings:

Rings that are shaped to fit your body shape are available in different sizes and styles.

Your choice of rings often reflects your mood and tastes: whether you choose discreet rings or extravagant jewelry your choice is often a reflection of your character, and is evident in particular on your hands.

Rings that fit your style Rings that are multi-colored can be worn with many different styles and outfits. Color of gold, type of stone, size of the rings ...: match your outfit and your rings.

What is the best place to wear a woman's Ring? Tips & Tips

Rings can only be worn on fingers? Can an engagement and wedding ring both be worn on the same finger? How do you choose that hand for your jewelry? There is a vast selection of possibilities to consider where to place a woman's ring. We give you tips and advice on how and where you can wear various rings.

Wear a ring to your ring finger

The ring finger on the left hand is reserved for wearing wedding rings. This finger is often worn by the woman before the wedding ceremony to wear her engagement ring. After the wedding it is usually a matter of whether you'll be able to wear the two pieces of jewelry. Be aware that many women decide to keep their engagement ring safe; but it is totally possible to wear it for more years. For this, if the size, material and precious stones allow it, you can wear wedding rings and engagement rings on your left ring finger alone. Because the wedding ring usually a thin gold band, it can very well be paired with a diamond solitaire or another more substantial piece of jewelry. If this isn't an option you can simply transfer your engagement ring onto the ring finger on the right hand.

The other fingers of your hand

The fingers on both hands can obviously be decorated with rings, regardless of whether you're a male or woman. Some believe that there is a reason behind the choice of which finger to wear this or that piece of jewelry. For instance, a person who wears rings on her thumbs will have a more outgoing personality. You don't have to be an expert to know how to wear rings. In the end we recommend selecting rings based on the shape of your hands and fingers. It is also important to ensure that your jewelry does not hinder your daily activities. So, if you are right-handed, prefer to wear your rings on your left hand; they'll be more secure there.

Put a pendant on your neck

Rings are easy to transform into pendants. You can pair them with a necklace in a similar fashion and material. This is a good way to reuse a piece of jewelry which has become too small, or to keep a memory of a loved one with you. It is possible to wear the ring as "charm" on bracelets.

Rings for the toes as well as knuckles

Since some time, knuckle rings are increasing in popularity. They allow you to allow yourself to be a part of the trend of accumulating jewelry. They are typically very thin and draw geometric patterns or shapes, such as lightning stars "infinities "... In gold or silver, ..., These rings can easily embellish a hand and show off your other jewelry .

Toe rings are a different kind of ring that we often see on the fashion show. These are small rings you can pass on for one or a number of toes. Take care of your manicure to ensure that your foot jewelry is shining beautifully.


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