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stage 4 baby foods contain foods that are designed to have some chew in them. they can be purees and purees that also have some chunks mixed in. this is the stage where baby can look at purees with some chunks and really try to chew on the food. this is also the stage when baby becomes interested in foods that they can hold in their mouth and chew. starting at about 9 months old, your baby will begin to use a spoon when feeding and will want to be able to hold onto food when spooning. this is typically around the time that your baby will begin to sit up as well. you can start by bringing your baby to the table and letting them learn how to hold their spoon and feed themselves. as they get more comfortable holding the spoon, you can gradually move it away from them so they can feed themselves. eventually, your baby will have to feed themselves independently.

Chew Wga V0 9.rar

the more your baby plays with their food, the more they are able to develop healthy eating habits for life. for example, if your baby is playing with their food with their spoon, then they will likely have fun with foods like rice, pasta, and even mashed potatoes. if they are able to use their fingers to eat their food, they will likely enjoy foods like cheese and breads. your baby will likely enjoy foods like yogurt and fruit by 6 months of age and will be able to do things like scoop the yogurt into their mouth and drink it by 9 months of age. if your baby is able to hold their food in their mouth and chew it, they will likely enjoy foods like cereal and whole milk. they are also able to enjoy foods like fruits and vegetables by 9 months of age.


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